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of the Year

Donene Stagner
Pipe Fitter Helper
Puget Sound Naval Shipyard

Lifetime Achievement
Elaine Priest
Deputy Project Superintendent
Puget Sound Naval Shipyard

Active Advocates
LaTosha Razzaq
Relay Electrician
Tacoma Power

Robin Smith
Certified National Instructor
NW Laorers Employers Training Trust

Union Activist
Katrina Freeman
Journey Level Electrician
IBEW #46

Workplace Leader
Anna-Joy Avery
Puget Sound Naval Shipyard

Tradeswoman of Tomorrow
Christina Dawson
Laborer Apprentice
Laborers Local #440

Peggy Cook
Apprentice Award

Daria Kallal

Carpenters Apprentice
Jobsite Shero
Amelia Maule
Shipfitter/Sheetmetal Safety Advocate
Puget Sound Naval Shipyard

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Previous Award Winners,
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Coming from out
of town?

We are proud to partner
with the Marqueen Hotel
and the University Inn,
both located conveniently in
the lower Queen Anne Hill.

Marqueen Hotel
Inn at Queen Anne

The 7th Annual
Dream Big Dinner

was held on Saturday, November 2
Imagine this: We’ve pulled this party off for seven years!
And that makes us wonder: Should we have that seven year itch?
Should we take a seventh inning stretch?
Or should we simply roll the dice again and again
and know that our lucky sevens are bound to continue?

What we DO know is that our seven-year-old dream of creating
an annual self-sustaining event, one that brings
our community together in a warm, inviting way has not only endured, but has thrived.
None of this could happen without you.
It really DOES take a village--and you’re it

Special Thanks to

ANEW Volunteers
Lois & The Ballard Elks Club
Peggy Cook
Edna Fund
Kevin & James, G & H Printing
Drew Greer, Ballard Brothers
Sherry Loeser Photography
Steve Midkiff & Audio Media
Margaret Mocho
Our Sponsors
Darlene Villanova & the Catered Touch Staff
Julie Zander
The Lewis County Rosies
The Rosies
& the Rosie Families for sharing them with Us

Our awards program recognizes, celebrates and validates
the successes and challenges of working women, as well as
students, instructors, advocates, and workplace leaders.

The 2013 Award Categories were:

Tradeswoman of the Year
This is a currently working tradesperson with at least four years experience.
She has achieved a skill level respected by her peers, supervisors
and the community, shows passion for her work and mutual respect for co-workers.
Tell us about her achievements and contributions.

Lifetime Achievement
This is a pioneer, a woman who broke ground in her chosen profession.
Tell us about her role as a mentor and/or advocate for other women
in skilled trades careers, as well as her workplace accomplishments.

Active Advocate
This person has worked to further women’s roles in the skilled trades.
This category is extremely broad. Among others, she/he may be an elected official,
a counselor, a supervisor or simply a supportive co-worker.
Detail her/his efforts toward steering and inspiring women, as well as opening closed doors
and implementing change in attitudes.

This person has worked as an instructor for at least four years.
She/he has played a positive role as a teacher, mentor and advocate for
women’s success in skilled trades. Tell us about this person’s enriching effect
on students and the community.

Union Activist
This is a tradeswoman currently active in her union and seen by her peers
as an informed and dynamic member. What activities is she involved in?
Elected status isn’t necessary, but please do include if applicable

Workplace Leader

This person is a crew chief, foreman, supervisor or lead who demonstrates a
continual commitment to supporting and sustaining women in the skilled trade workplace.
What has this person done to show that commitment?

Tradeswoman of Tomorrow
This award honors a woman currently enrolled in, or journeyed out
of a verifiable Training/Apprenticeship Program over the last 12 months.
She is fully committed to a career as a tradeswoman, and shows competency,
potential and enthusiasm for a long, successful skilled trades career.

The Peggy Cook Apprentice Award
Peggy Cook is a WWII Rosie the Riveter and was a journey level painter for most
of her working life. She was awarded the WWIT Pioneer Tradeswoman Award in 2002.
Her endowment honors a woman currently enrolled in, or journeyed out of
a verifiable Training/Apprenticeship Program over the last 12 months.
She is fully committedto a career as a tradeswoman, and shows competency,
potential and enthusiasm for a long, successful skilled trades career.
She strongly exhibits the “We can do it!” spirit of the Rosies.

Job Site Shero
Do you know a tradeswoman who “saved the day” on a jobsite?
She might have saved a life, righted a wrong, saved a career,
prevented an accident,stopped harassment,
solved a problem, righted a wrong or had a perfect comeback.
Tell us her she-roic story!

Honorable Mentions
Union • Employer • Organization
Project/Event • Community/Political Leader
This is a relatively new category. Our goal is to honor groups/projects/individuals
who support, advocate and sustain women in the workplace.
How has this person or entity made innovations, broken barriers
and improved the status of women in skilled trades?

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