Award Sample Letters

Letter 1
As Trades Janeʼs foreman, I have had the unique opportunity to observe her grow and develop
her professional career over the past eight years. She is always positive, hardworking, displays
a great attitude and is always readily available to assist her employees and others as needed.
She has succeeded to become the only Female First Line Supervisor in the Electronics field at
IMF and is highly respected. Her current position is the Supervisor, overseeing twelve
employees from the Apprentice level and Journeyman levels. She is responsible for all
production work in her area and for the welfare of the employees, while upholding the standards
and policies in Diversity, Safety and Hazardous waste.
She mentors all of her employees for career path opportunities and Human Resource issues
and others frequently seek her out outside of her area of responsibility for advice or direction on
these topics.
During her short eight years at the job, she has made a significant contribution to helping
women by being one of the founding members of Submarine Base Bangor Womenʼs Networking
Group, a group that focuses on resource awareness, work/life balance and community service
opportunities for women in professional and trades careers. She was also the chairperson for
the Womenʼs Network from 2009 to 2010.
Recently Trades Jane was chosen as a single point contact to mentor first year apprentices
newly entering the workforce. She was selected based on her leadership abilities and past work
experience as a former apprentice.
Trade Janeʼs career path began as an Apprentice in Electronic Apprenticeship program in
2004. She excelled in every aspect of the program and graduated in June of 2008. She did not
waste any time during this time frame, and also went to school after hours and weekends. She
successfully graduated with additional degrees with an ATA in Electronics, ATA Industrial
Trades and an Associated Art of Science degree. She received honors for all and earned a spot
on the Deanʼs List. She topped this off with a Bachelor of Science from Southern Illinois
Over the last several years, Trades Jane has not only received numerous awards for team work
and individual accomplishments, but has submitted several awards for many of her employees,
recognizing them for their hard work and dedication. In July of 2008 she was promoted to
Electronic Journeyman WG-11 level status after graduation while assigned to Shop 67A
Electronic Surveillance Measures and Radar Repair shop. Within two years in January 2010 she
achieved her Electronics Intergraded Systems Mechanic WG-12 status.
After 9 months in Shop 67A, Trades Jane was promoted to Work Leader WL-12 in Shop 67H
Mast and Antenna repair Shop where she became the first Female work leader in the Weapons
Repair Department, overseeing all BRR-6 Buoy system repairs and testing along with
responsibility of leading a crew of 6 mechanics. During this period, she was selected to
represent her Command at a Navy wide BRR-6 Buoy Lean Value Stream event in San Diego,
California. Her participation in this event would impact the entire Navy. Over the two year period
as BRR-6 Buoy Work leader, Trades Jane successfully lead her crew to well over 100 repairs
and certifications of the BRR-6 Buoy system, making sure all submarines were ready for sea.
With her noticeable leadership, she was promoted to Supervisor in November 2011 to Shop 67A
Electronic Surveillance Measures and Radar Repair shop where she works presently.
While working 40 hours plus per week, Trades Jane still finds the time to volunteer in her
community. She participates in the Kitsap Kidney run and the March of Dimes “March for the
Babies”. She is also passionate about soccer and volunteers as a soccer coach, coaching 5 to
10 year olds for the last 5 years.
She also was a South Kitsap Soccer board member in charge of coaching development,
mentoring 20 Coaches for the Micro division. Also participated in many fundraisers for the
Soccer Club.
Trades Jane is well deserving of this award because of her hard work, leadership, dedication
and commitment to serve the people in her organization as well as her community. She is the
embodiment of a true leader and is always setting the example for not only women but for the
entire company.

Letter  2
Trades Jane is a Marine Machinery Mechanic Supervisor II currently assigned to the Refueling
Equipment division of Shop 000, Puget Sound Naval Shipyard & Intermediate Maintenance
Facility (PSNS&IMF). Her hard work has been evident throughout her career starting with her
apprenticeship and continuing as she worked various journey-level jobs (Nonnuclear, Nuclear,
and Refueling). Her understanding of refueling work, ability to review procedures, consider all
aspects of the job and create a team environment between her mechanics, the engineering
department and other support trades sets the example of how to be both efficient and effective
as a manager.
Trades Jane has been promoted rapidly through the ranks since completing her apprenticeship
in 2005, spending time as a journey-level mechanic, a crew work leader, and as a Lead
Supervisor. She stepped in as a second-level supervisor on short notice due to unexpected
events, but she performs her duties with the competence and energy of someone who has held
the position for many years. She is never afraid to dive into the details of a job to make sure it
gets done correctly or to stand back and let others do their jobs by staying out of the way. This
tenacity in ensuring the job is done correctly is one of her strongest points. Her ability to work
well with others, take charge, resolve problems, and represent the shop are just a few of traits
she exhibits in her quest to satisfy the mission of this command.
Trades Jane leads by example when it comes to safety by wearing her Personal Protective
Equipment at all times, realizing that she must set the standard and be an example to our
workforce. She practices sound time management skills and is a visible leader who manages
her daily appointments, meetings, and oversight duties to ensure that job assignments are
covered through to completion. Her duties require stringent attention to detail; proper planning
of work and the ability to execute the job to meet the needs of the multiple projects the EQ team
supports. In doing so, she supervises, directs, instructs, and mentors her subordinates,
transferring her knowledge to help the team grow. In short, she functions as a boss and as a
coach, ensuring each team member is developed to his or her fullest potential. As a result of her
demonstrated excellence, she has received six Special Service Awards over the last three years
as well as additional awards in the past.
Trades Jane makes it a point to keep all members of her crew on a level playing field, whether
they are male or female. She makes sure that the women around her know that they are every
bit as capable as men in any job they set their mind to and is always willing to lend a helping
hand or provide mentoring when asked.
In addition to her assigned duties, she has been a regular member of the Shop Recreation
Committee, a volunteer group that organizes and conducts various group activities aimed at
promoting employee morale and interaction with each other and their families. These events
include luncheons, BBQʼs, Christmas parties, and the annual shop picnic. She is also involved
in coaching in the local recreational kidʼs soccer leagues.
Trades Jane effectively served as the Refueling Equipment manager during the difficult but
successful preparation and execution of the SSN 688 (USS LOS ANGELES) inactivation, which
was a first of a kind defueling. She is currently assigned as a member of the Refueling
Equipment Disposal management team, which has managed a reduction of 330,000 lbs of
refueling equipment in FY 2011. This has significantly reduced the commandʼs equipment
maintenance costs as well as commenced the first steps of a plan to re-organize and streamline
refuelingʼs equipment readiness program. Her selection as a manager for both of these critical
areas in refueling speaks volumes regarding the commandʼs faith in her skills, abilities, and
leadership. Under her direction, the refueling team has taken great strides in improving quality,
efficiency and effectiveness. Her experience, tenacity, dedication to duty, positive attitude, and
unwavering commitment to excellence make her an indispensable member of the refueling team,
a true leader and a credit to this command, and a role model for women in trades.
Although only one nominator can be listed for the submittal of this nomination, the entire
refueling management team endorses Trades Janeʼs nomination as a workplace leader