Tips for Nominators
  • Read carefully the minimum requirements for the categories and choose based on where your nominee can shine.
  • Be concise. Long laundry lists are highly discouraged.
  • Assume the judges know nothing about your nominee, trade or workplace.
  • Use descriptive words. Superlatives like best, wonderful and huge are meaningless. Avoid them.
  • Acronyms and trade specific terms are strongly discouraged.
  • Focus on career related information ONLY.
  • Obviously, you respect and admire your nominee.Tell us why. Describe who they are. Share your passion. Convince us!

Finally, imagine yourself at the annual WWIT Award Selection Meeting. You are sitting with 5 other people and you have over 30 nominations to peruse. Now imagine your nominee is the LAST entry. What would make that nomination stand out? What's special about your nominee?  How will you catch the attention of tired eyes, minds and hearts?

Please keep each description to 250 words or less.
Nominations that exceed maximum word counts will be disqualified.

Don't hesitate to contact us with questions.