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March 5, 2008
Seattle Times
Women Share Their Riveting History
By Marsha King, Seattle Times staff reporter
Like it was yesterday, the Rosies remember.
The feel of white cotton coveralls. The squeeze of a hefty rivet gun. The pay — often more than they'd ever earned. The time was the 1940s. The world was at war and Boeing and other industries needed women to fill in for men who were away fighting for liberty... more

February 2008
Seattle Woman

Secrets of Active Elder Women
By Eileen Nicol
How old do you want to be? A century ago, the average newborn couldn’t expect to reach age 50. But according to a recent Harvard study, those of us who reach age 65 today can expect to live an average of 18 more years, and if we reach age 75, we’re likely to be around another 11 years. If this thought scares you, you’re not alone. Myths about aging abound in our culture. Myths like “to be old is to be sick.” Or, “the elderly don’t pull their own weight.”.... more

December 17, 2007
Ballard News Tribune
'Rosie The Riveter' Calendar goes on Sale
By Rebekah Schilperoort
Until a few years ago, Peggy Cook had never really thought much about her role in helping further women's rights.
She's one of millions of U.S. women who began work in industrial and trade jobs during World War II - a Rosie the Riveter who helped change the way women - and men - think about traditional women's roles.... more

December 9, 2007
AM1090 Community Matters Interview
Host Lee Callahan talks with Cynthia Polly Payne & 2008 Rosie Calendar "Miss December" Peggy Cook about her experiences during WWII. Listen here

November 6, 2007
West Seattle Herald
Ideas With Attitude - Rosie's Legacy
By Georgie Bright Kunkel, Columnist, West Seattle Herald, NW Primetime, Ballard News Tribune
Side Note: Georgie Bright Kunkel is featured in August on our 2008 Rosie the Riveter Calendar...
en Burns Documentary "The War" has sparked renewed interest in the so-called Good War, World War II. It brought me back to those years when The Saturday Evening Post covers were created by Norman Rockwell, the people's artist... more

April 27, 2007
Seattle Post Intelligencer
Women sought for jobs in trades
Taking steps before a shortfall of workers, industry is recruiting
By Andrea James, P-I Reporter
Evelyn Shapiro-O'Connor stood outside in the pre-dawn chill Tuesday watching for her work partner to arrive. She was waiting on her toolbox so she could begin work in a lower Queen Anne building that is being renovated...

April 27, 2007
KUOW's Weekday
Host Steve Scher chats about women working in non-traditional careers with carpenter Jo Scherer, lineworker/apprenticeship manager Nettie Dokes and welder Sarah Patterson. Includes some very special comments by WWII Rosie, Peggy Cook. Listen here.

June 5, 2005
Seattle Times
Few women choosing lucrative careers in the trades
By Scott McCredie, Special to The Seattle Times
When Nettie Dokes moved to Seattle from Mississippi in 1987, she found a job as a lab manager that paid $9 an hour. That didn't seem like much money for someone with a college degree in laboratory technology...

April 28, 2002
Seattle Times
Time to celebrate all those 'Rosie the Riveters'
By Christine Clarridge, Seattle Times staff reporter
Hattie May Stewart, 84, donned a bandanna and a hard hat and went to work at Associated Shipyards on Harbor Island through blackouts and swing shifts.
.. more

Miscellaneous Media

Climbing A Livable Wage Ladder Video
Sally Clark, Seattle City Council Member. watch

Rosie The Riveter Local Women's Stories
Six Northwest women tell their personal WWII Rosie stories. watch
Seattle City Council Members
Sally Clark and Jean Godden attended 2007 WWIT Job Fair.
Here Ms. Clark proudly holds the WWIT shirt she received for participating in the Trade Olympics.
She and Ms. Godden showed their expertise (or lack thereof) at basic trade skills such as painting straight lines, reading maps and measuring boards.

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