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In the early 2000s, one of the WWIT board members came up with the idea to honor the women who worked in the factories during orld War II. She orchestrated a mini PR campaign that culminated with ABC News coverage of their gathering at the Career Fair. It was a tremendous success.  Nearly 100 women attended the luncheon at Seattle Center. few years later, the same woman, whose brain never stops working, proposed that WWIT do a calendar featuring these women, affectionately known as Rosie the Riveters.  We're proud to say we've produced 12 calendars and have photographed and interviewed (do the math) 144 women.

We are so grateful to meet each and every one of the women who've participated in this project--they have become our friends and our mentors. Their stories provide constant inspiration.

Commemorative Calendars

2008 Calendar
2008, out of Print. More Info Here

2009 Calendar2009, out of Print. More Info Here
2010 Calendar2010, Available Here
2011 Calendar
2011, Available Here

2012, Available Here
2013 Calendar2013, Available Here
2014, Available Here
2015, out of Print. More Info Here
2016 Calendar2016, out of Print. More Info Here

2017, out of Print. More Info Here

2018, Available Here

2019, Available Here