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2011.  Washington Women in Trades 4th calendar. 

Rosie the Riveter is an icon, an often over-used image of a young bandanna-ed woman with her fist in the air, signifying the WWII era “We Can Do It” spirit.  We truly hope that this calendar embodies that spirit, but our real goal is to portray the “real” Rosie.  It’s an honored privilege to meet that woman--a pleasure, a lesson in history and a giant blast of inspiration. While each of these women was a good hand sixty years ago, stepping up and doing what was needed, each is still extending that hand, still cradling a world of hopes, aspirations and despairs.  And just as they did in 1940, they do it now with the same strength, grace and courage.
All of the 2011 calendar girls are widows--most by many years, yet they carry on with life, living it to the fullest.  All are in their eighties and nineties, independent; many still live in their homes, several still drive! They’ve never stopped giving, whether it be helping seniors (many of whom are younger than themselves), teaching, creating, volunteering at church, prisons and food banks or writing poetry and memoirs to share with us.
Today’s Tradeswoman owes a great deal of gratitude to the Rosies;  they show us that, in non-traditional trades, women were good hands, women are good hands and women will continue to be good hands.
Remember:  It’s not yes we did; it’s not yes we should, ought or might; it’s yes we can!

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Vivian Laye
Mechanic at Boeing
born 2.12.1922
died 3.8.2017
Irene Goldsmith
Rocket assembler at a Navy Depot in Hastings, NE
born 2.5.1924
Marion Eberle
Riveter at Glen L. Martin, Omaha, NE
born 3.25.1919
died 8.8.2015

Mary Droullard
Coppersmith & Welder at Coppersmith & Associates Shipyard
born 2.26.1920
died 8.8.2013

Berniece Aarstad
Riveter at Ellsworth Airforce Base,
Rapid City, ND
born 5.11.1925
Pat Harms
Core maker, Puget Sound Naval Shipyard
born 6.1.1921
died 10.27.2016
Ann Spitzner
Mechanic & Riveter at Boeing
born 7.2.1913
died 8.15.2012
Georgina Leith
Shop clerk & electrical assembly at Boeing
born 8.24.1924

Vickie Vallier
Riveter at Boeing
born 2.21.1924
died 7.24.2015
Katie Burks
Blueprint Reader at Boeing
born 10.31.1925
Jean Thornber
Outfitter at Sand Point Naval Air Station
born 6.10.1919
Helen Cahan
Mechanic at Boeing
born 6.12.1922
died 10.10.16