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2012.  Washington Women in Trades 5th calendar. 

It’s with both pride and humility that we present our 5th Rosie the Riveter commemorative calendar,  Stories & Snapshots.
When we embarked on this project five years ago, our goal was simple, and to be honest, somewhat naive. We wanted to recognize the women who were our foremothers; women who, during WWII, worked in non-traditional jobs just as we do. But we couldn’t have imagined how much the process would affect us as producers.  This last 5 years has taught us so very much--we continue to be amazed and grateful.  We are constantly reminded of the compelling power of each woman’s story; a story that goes beyond building airplanes or welding ships.  It’s a story that spans a century of living.
Risk takers, most Rosies were just teenagers when they hired on.  Many had never left home. They rode crowded trains across country with almost empty pockets and a paper bag full of lunch, seeking, just as earlier pioneers, adventure, a decent paycheck and food in their bellies. They lived in boarding houses, they trained and they worked. They slogged through exhaustive hours, long overtime, split shifts, interminable bus and ferry rides, sexual and racial oppression.
As time went on, they married and raised families, some continued to work in non-traditional jobs, some  ran restaurants, others were accountants, teachers, counselors, nurses, and more.  Many out lived more than a few husbands; most still live independently.  They’re active in their communities as volunteers, they take care of children and the elderly, they grow gardens, they walk Green Lake.  All carry with them a fervor just as vibrant as the one that led them to choose their original path. 
For them, the Rosie experience left an indelible mark, and though they seldom express it outright, it has affected each of their lives in an undeniable way, and in turn, acutely affects ours. Every year, it gets harder and harder to find and gather our calendar girls--these women are national treasures with, unfortunately, an expiration date.  But we continue to seek them out, we continue to take their snapshots and listen to their stories, because we know that the gift we receive, far supercedes the one we give.
May we always hold close to our hearts, the “We Can Do it”  spirit!

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Laura Aar
Plane fabricator in Lake Success, NY
born 1.25.1920
died 1.9.2015

Esther Aylesworth
Riveter at Boeing
born 2.9.1924
died 10.24.2017

Erna Ford
Fabricator at Bremerton Shipyard
born 3.9.1924

Fran Carlson
Riveter at Boeing
born 4.263.1924
died 6.14.2013

Irene Nelson
Riveter at Boeing
born 5.28.1919

Grace Davis
Welder at Boeing
born 6.24.1919
died 4.28.2019

Grace Cooper
Hose Assembler at Pioneer Rubber Mills
Pittsburgh, CA
born 7.15.1925

Yvonne Howe
Mechanic at Boeing
born 8.7.1920
died 9.4.1913

Etta Fox
Mechanic & Riveter
at Bell Aircraft
Marietta GA
born 8.19.1922
died 12.27.2011

Evelyn Nickerson
Riveter at Boeing
born 3.19.1915
died 8.20.2013

Pearl Armstrong
Riveter at Boeing
born 4.30.1917
died 12.29.2011

Winnie Bjelland
Mechanic at Boeing
born 12.2.1919
died 1.20,2019