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2013.  Washington Women in Trades 6th Rosie calendar.  
This year’s cover photo was given to us by Dorothy Pike Smith. We knew it was perfect the minute we saw it and didn’t even consider other options. Most of our calendar girls built planes.  While they were drilling rivets, they were also building a future for every tradeswoman who followed. They were creating a world in which women could not only dream of great career opportunities, but one where they could grasp that opportunity and soar. Our hope is to honor those who have come before us and inspire those who follow.
It’s our 6th year producing these Rosie calendars and the women never cease to amaze us with their life stories.  We walk away from the photo shoots smiling every time, whether it’s because we learned yet more things about our history that we’ve never heard before or been told a funny joke or tale. These women are our true heroines. Most of them remain our friends long after their calendar appearances.
We cherish every single one!
Thanks to all Rosies for sharing your lives and wonderful memories with us!
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Jean Hunt
Bucker in Hollywood, CA
born 2.17.1923

Doris Taylor
Riveter at Boeing
born 2.6.1919
died 3.12.2014

Helen Harris
Manager at NCCM
born 11.22.1920

Ruth Render
Riveter/Machinist at Boeing
born 9.12.1933

Wilma Matz
Riveter at Boeing
born 5.25.1924

June Moore
Bucker at Boeing
born 6.20.1925

Kay Anderson Hart
Riveter at Boeing
Built submarine nets at Indian Island
born 7.23.1923

Dorothy Pike Smith
Bucker at Boeing
born 8.17.1925

Beverly Anderson Winge
Bucker at Boeing
Welder at Todd Shipyards
Amy Williams
Riveter at Boeing
born 10.18.1916
died 12.30.2015
Donna Bajocich
Riveter at Boeing
born 11.16.1912
died 5.29.2014
Lorraine Harris
Mechanic at Boeing
born 12.2.1924