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Our 2019 Rosie Calendar. 
While the pun amuses us, we don’t discount the innate courage shown by each of our 2019 Rosies. As teenagers from all corners of Canada and the US, they took buses and trains across the country to take jobs they had no idea how to do, among people they had no idea how to relate to. They became shipyard welders, munitions inspectors, riveters and drivers. One even made mosquito netting! It’s their gutsiness that inspired them to later become world travelers, engineers, scholars and business owners.  We are ever inspired.

We’re proud to present our 12th annual calendar, featuring all women currently living in Oregon. Thanks go to the 2019 Calendar Girls, their families for sharing them and especially to Yvonne Fasold, our Oregon Rosie organizer.

Calendars are $20 each.  To purchase please visit here

Alice Heiney
Ammunition Inspector at Remington Arms, Denver, CO
Born January 2, 1918
Died May 23, 2019
Judy Greer
Burr Bench Operator at Bedix Aviation, 
South Bend, IN
Born February 7, 1927
Terry Glenn
Armor Piercing Bullet Inspector, 
Chicago, IL
Born March 15, 1923

Rozella Mock
Cable Splicer at Gowen Airbase, 
Boise, ID
Born April 8, 1921

Helen Burlingham
Burr Remover on Receivers, 
Chicago, IL
Born May 17, 1926
Arvilla Hume
Mosquito netting maker, Rockford, IL
Born June 5, 1924

Marty Lynch
Delivery Cart Driver at Douglas Aircraft, 
El Segundo, CA
Born March 27, 1925

Muriel Jensen
Secretary at Blythe Army Base, CA
Born August 2, 1921

Marilyn Cox
Welder, Kaiser Shipyard, 
Portland, OR
Born September 7, 1923
Tillie Krieger
Riveter at North American Aviation, 
Los Angeles, CA
Born October 11. 1926
Anne Olsen
Wing part fabricator at Boeing, 
Vancouver, WA
Born January 14, 1922
Dorene Ronning
Ambulance Corps Trainee, 
Eugene, OR
Born April 13, 1923
Died December 3, 2019