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2018.  Washington Women in Trades 11th Rosie calendar. 
We’re proud to present It's ALL Women's Work; Washington Women in Trades’ 11th Calendar.  This year’s title was certainly inspired by the 2018 Rosies, each having done such a diverse set of non traditional jobs, but it really speaks to the present, as well. Yes, women have made great strides in the workplace. Yes, there’s even been a woman presidential nominee! Slowly, slowly, women are proving that they will not only get jobs in the trades industry, they’ll keep them, too.
Each of the Rosies in each our calendars (this is our 11th) is an embodiment of the process. And because we’ve had the opportunity to meet, photograph and interview each of them, they’ve lifted the words of history off the printed page and made them real. The Rosies have inspired many locally with appearances at WWIT Career Fairs, Dream Big Dinners and other events. Many continue to volunteer at the Rosie Museum in Richmond, CA and give talks all over the country. We are so very grateful for their inspiration! 

Thanks to all the 2018 Calendar Girls AND their families for sharing them with all of us!

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Huglene Stokes
Bucker at Consolidated Vultee Aircraft, San Diego, CA
born 10.25.1924

Margaret Craven
Covoy Truck Driver,
Port of Embarkation, San Francisco, CA
born 10.31.1922

Marcella Hubbard
Marin County, CA
born 3.28.1921

Anna Powell
Riveter, Westinghouse,
Mansfield, OH
born 4.9.1924

Mary Torres
Welder, Moore  Shipyard, Oakland, CA
born 5.26.1923

Corinne Stout
Welder, Riveter, inspector, driver, Douglas Aircraft, Santa Monica, CA
born 1.1.1921

Teresa McGrath
Riveter, Wirer,  Los Angeles, CA
born 5.31.1922
died 12.24.2017

Marian Wynn
Welder, Richmond Shipyards, Richmond, CA
born 8.19.1926

Gwen Myers

Machinist at Boeing, Seattle, WA

Arkie Huffman
Bucker, Quality Control, Colman Stove & Lantern, Wichita, KA
born 10.5.1924

Frances Ellis
Bucker, Boeing, Seattle, WA
born 11.16.1927

In Memorium
Peggy Cook
& Josie Dunn
from our 1st Rosie Calendar