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A Tradeswoman

Art & Design


Of Course, We Can Do It!

Washington Women in Trades is excited to present our first EVER silent auction on Saturday, February 5, 2022


This special event will feature the Art and Design work of Northwest Tradeswomen. Visualize this:  finely finished wood sculptures and furniture, weavings, specialty clothing, quilts, paintings, metal and ceramic sculpture…

The possibilities are endless!


Like so many other businesses, non-profits, schools and families, COVID has taken a toll on Washington Women in Trades. We’ve been hit with lost income from three cancelled events. That income makes possible many WWIT activities, such as helping to build Tiny Houses to mentoring and support, from preserving the Rosie Legacy to providing resources and summer events for future tradeswomen. 


Make your contribution today.

Mark your calendars for the Auction on Saturday, February 5, 2022.

Monetary donations are great, too. Sponsor here.


Contributions can include hand-made art, services, experiences and subscriptions.  All ideas will be considered.

To confirm your donation, submit a submission form.

If you'd prefer to fill out a pdf and e-mail it to us, here's the form.

Submissions MUST include photos, unless the item is a service or activity. In that case, a logo or other graphic would be helpful.

Please send, or drop off Auction contributions to:

Robin Murphy

Alaskan Copper

2958 6th Avenue S

Seattle WA 98134

Deadline for Donations:  Friday, January 14, 2022

Questions? Comments? 

Contact Cindy Payne at 206 324 3372 or email

Blue Bandanna Challenge. 

Oh, and ONE last thing.  It’s a little thing we’ call the Blue Bandanna Challenge. Because we have 800 blue bandannas from the 2020 Fair that didn’t happen, we’re offering people 20 bandannas each. Make something!  It could be quilt, pillow, sculpture, giant stuffed animal? Items will be on display at the Auction, and of course, will be for sale.  

We’ll do some kind of prize, too.


How does it work?  

You contact us (or sign up on the online form)

and request 20 bandannas. We send them to you. 

You make something. (maybe a hammock?) 

Send to us by

Friday, January 14, 2022.