2011.  Washington Women in Trades 4th Rosie calendar.  

Rosie the Riveter is an icon, an often over-used image of a young bandanna-ed woman with her fist in the air, signifying the WWII era “We Can Do It” spirit.  We truly hoped that this calendar embodied that spirit, but our real goal was to portray the “real” Rosie.  It was an honored privilege to meet that woman--a lesson in history and a giant blast of inspiration. While each of these women was a good hand sixty years ago, stepping up and doing what was needed, each was still extending that hand in 2011, still cradling a world of hopes, aspirations and despairs.  And just as they did in 1940, they did it with the same strength, grace and courage.


Front Cover Photo:  Marion  Eberle's hands

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Vivan Laye

Mechanic at Boeing

born February 12, 1922

died March 8, 2017


Mary Droullard

Coppersmith & welder at Coppersmith & Associates Shipyard

born Februaryl 26, 1920
died August 8, 2013


Ann Spitzer

Mechanic & Riveter at Boeing

born July 2, 1913

died August 15, 2012


Katy Burks

Blueprint reader at Boeing

born October 31, 1925


Irene Goldsmith

Rocket Assembler at a Navy Depot, 

Hastings, Nebraska

born February 5, 1924


Berniece Aarstad

Riveter at Ellsworth Airforce Base

Rapid City, North Dakota

born May 11, 1925


Georgina Leith

Shop clerk & electrical assembly

at Boeing

born August 24, 1924


Jean Thornber

Outfitter at Sand Point Naval Stations

born June 10, 1919

died January 27, 2020


Marion Eberle

Riveter at Glen L. Martin,

Omaha Nebraska

born March 25, 1919, 1922

died August 8, 2015


Pat Harms

Core maker,

Puget Sound Naval Shipyard

born June 1, 1921

Died October 27, 2016


Vicky Vallier

Riveter at Boeing

born February 21, 1924

died July 24, 2015


Helen Cahan

Mechanic at Boeing

born June 12, 1922

died October 10, 2016

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