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Introducing!  TOPP:  Trade Opportunities Pennant Project

One of Washington Women in Trades primary goals is to connect students and families with clear information about career opportunities in the building construction and skilled trades industries. By producing events such as the annual hands-on Women in Trades Fair and the newer Steel Toe Teens Summer Camp, we build an infrastructure that helps school career counselors, teachers and administrators communicate accurately with parents and students about paid apprenticeship opportunities that lead to stable, living-wage careers in skilled trades.


The Plan:

Our newest venture is the Trade Opportunities Pennant Project! (it’s a top priority…) This effort is designed to establish and solidify a close connection between Washington State Schools Career Counselors and Skilled Trades Training Programs, Unions and Employers.


The goal is to have Trades Career Pennants displayed in every Washington high school. Not only will students become familiar with the Women in Trades Pennant, but they’ll also see an eye-catching array of pennants that represent participating Washington union apprenticeships and training programs.


The pennant displays will be backed up with clear, concise information about career paths and application processes for union apprenticeships, training programs and trades related college courses.


The Process:

We’ll start delivering participating pennant packages to high schools in the Puget Sound area, then Western Washington and eventually throughout Washington State. If middle schools show interest, they will be included in the next delivery rotation.


We can’t do this alone!

As the representative of a Trades Union, Training Apprenticeship or Prep Program, your next step is to design and produce a visually stimulating pennant, then send them to us, along with your training program descriptions. We will include your Pennant and information in our TOPP Packets school distribution.


Some small print:

While by its very existence, Washington Women in Trades is all about encouraging women to consider jobs in the construction trades, this project is genderless.  We believe ALL students should have option of learning about skilled trades training programs.

Specifics:  What do you DO and when do you do it?

Training Programs/Apprenticeships/Unions

1.  Complete the Pennant Provider Registration Form to let us know you’re IN and starting the process.

2.  The Pennant

  • Design your felt-type pennant in a vertical format to fit the uniform standard.

  • Size: 12” Horizontal x 30” Vertical. (see sample).

  • Count: 150 minimum. If you want to provide more, that’d be great!

  • Manufacturer suggestion: Our source was the Frank Doolittle Co. Contact them for more info. Frank Doolittle Company

3. Delivery Deadline:  August 2 , 2024

  • Send or deliver at least 150 pennants for our first distribution by August 2 , 2024

Deliver pennants and apprentice/training info to Marilyn Kennedy

by August 2, 2024 and we’ll distribute as the school year starts.


For more information:

Alice Lockridge: or text 206-552-1921

Marilyn Kennedy at Local 528:

Schools/Teachers and Career Counselors

Would you like to receive a Pennant Package?  

Sign up HERE

Guess What!

You can purchase a pennant for yourself!  

(Pennants are available in YELLOW background only)

And Guess what's MORE? Your purchase helps with school distribution costs... So THANK YOU!

Here's the link.

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