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Thanks to all who made this such a glorious success!

Lori Ann LaFontaine & Staff at Aloha Catering, Gail Stringer & Keapu of Hawaii General Store

Shoreline Community College staff: Suzanne Gugger, Andre Barriga, Wanda Walrop and Ron Norimatsu

Kevin & Wolf at G & H Printing, Jasmine Cote, Steve Midkiff of AudioMedia

Rosies:  Georgie Kunkel, LouAnnie Charles, Doris Biers and families, Edna Fund, Joanne Swanson

Floral Designer:  Vanessa Carmen & Hermanson Company, Dessert Bakers, Donators & Dashers

Raffle Creators:  Marilyn Kennedy & DeeDee Wheeler, Memorial Designer:  Jo Scherer

Box Office:  Margaret Mocho, Guy Astley, Tawny Sayers

Nettie Dokes, Rene Bond & Cindy Swazo for the fancy financial systems

Photographers:  Robin Murphy & Marilyn Kennedy



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compliments of Marilyn Kennedy & Joseph Neff

of Local 528 Cement Masons & Plasterers


See you next year.


Please enjoy these photos from the 2022 Dream Big Dinner.  

We tried to cull the list, but they were all so good, we had to share them all!

Photo Credit, Robin Murphy 

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