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15th Annual Dream Big Dinner is a Wrap!

Thanks to everyone who make it happen, from volunteers to sponsors, from dessert donors to dessert buyers, from the Shoreline Community College staff to the awardees; from Aloha Catering to the hardworking WWIT Board.

And thanks to YOU. There is no dinner without people to sit at the table.

Photo Credit, Robin Murphy 

The Great Room At Shoreline!

2023 Awardees
(first row, l to r) Robin Cowper, Soph Davenberry, Camille Jackson, Marianna Hyke
(second row l to r) Angela Henderson, Rae July-Fistonich, Chris Bolin, Bobbi Worden, 
Sheridan Sanchez. Meghan Harkins, Alyssa Olson

WWIT Executive Board
(l to r) Jo Scherer, Guy Astley, Sharon Walker, Marilyn Kennedy, Cindy Payne, Robin Murphy, Alice Lockridge

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