So.  You're considering a career in construction or other non-traditonal path? 

Good For YOU and best of luck!


The best place to start is at the Washington State L& I site.  They offer the most up to date, comprehensive information.  

For more information on apprenticeship in the State of Washington, please visit the LNI Apprenticeship


For further assistance in King County, contact the L & I Apprenticeship Coordinator at either (206) 835-1027 or (206) 835-1028. 

You may also contact the Washington State Apprenticeship Section at (360) 902-5324. Their Apprenticeship Calendar is updated regularly with important upcoming dates.


Apprenticeship and Nontraditional Employment for Women is a pre apprentice training program designed especially for women.  They too, are a very important resource. ANEW/AOP


Also, if you're an apprentice in need of gear or work clothing, please visit Rosie's Closet


And, don't hesitate to email or call us.  We have several members who would be happy to talk with you or even act as a mentor.  We can be reached by phone:  206.324.3372 or email

Washington Women in Trades

PO Box 24972

Seattle, WA  98124

Phone:  206.324.3372


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