2016.  Washington Women in Trades 9th Rosie calendar.  

As the Rosie’s reached their mid 90’s, they got more difficult to find, so we expanded our search outside of Washington state.  In June of 2015, we attended the American Rosie the Riveter Association’s annual gathering in Richmond, CA which is home to the Rosie the Riveter/World War II Home Front National Historical Park. It was pure joy meeting these women and their families from all over the United States.  We toured the fantastic museum, visited the SS Red Oak Victory (which some of these women had helped build) and shared meals with them. These gals are a national treasure that we’ll never forget.  


Front Cover Photo:  A graphic Illustration based on 1940's coverall sewing patterns.


This calendar is out of print.


Jean White

Bucker at Boeing

born January 14, 1924

died July 28, 2018


Evelyn Louise Lee

Riveter/Machinist, Curtis Wright

Buffalo, NY

born April 3, 1921


Opal Nelson

Riveter at Douglas in Santa Monica, CA

born July 1, 1922

died January 15, 2020


Elinor Otto

Riveter at Ryan Aeronautical,

Douglas & Boeing

Southern California

born October 28, 1919


Vera Gordon

Distribution and supply, Great Falls, MT

born February 15, 1920

died January 4, 2019


Dr. Fran Carter

Riveter on B-29s, Birmingham, AL

born May 21, 1922


Louise Unkrick

Riveter at Glenn L. Martin Plant

Omaha, NE

born August 11, 1924


Caroline Sunday Holben

Bucker at Hudson Motor, Detroit, MI

born November 4, 1918


Mae Krier

Riveter at Boeing

born March 21, 1926


Italene Gaddis

Tester of springs & bakelite molds

Chicago, IL

born April 6, 1925


Nita Eggers

Welder at Portland Shipyards,

Portland, OR

born April 5, 1926


Carmella Wood

Riveter at Charice Vought Aircraft, Connecticut

born October 29, 1922

died January 26, 2020

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