2010.  Washington Women in Trades 3rd Rosie calendar.  

Our third Rosie Calendar was every bit a pleasure to create the first two. Life lines to the past, their  their stories moved us, their wisdom was invaluable to us and their beautiful faces, lined with the stories of their lives, were a joy to photograph. They were the pioneers of women working in non-traditional trades. They did it out of necessity, just as do women in today-- the necessity of raising a family on a living wage job. We are constantly inspired by the many lessons learned from each and every woman. 

Front cover photo:  Peggy Cook in the 40s.


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Wavel Halford

Bucker at Boeing

born January 4, 1918

died October 20, 2013


Florence Ringstad

Navy WAVE at Pearl Harbor

born April 26, 1923
died February 27, 2016


Elaine Young

Repair on PBYs at Sandpoint

Naval Station

born July 23, 1926

died January 22, 2018


Chris Holm

Riveter at Puget Sound Sheetmetal

born September 25, 1924
died July 31, 2011


Marie White

Clerk at Boeing

born June 4, 1923

died July 18, 2016


Violet Nelson

Sheetmetal worker at Winslow Shipyard

born May 30, 1924


Elaine Russell

Shipping at Sears

born August 11, 1923

died June 9, 2010


LouAnnie Charles

Riveter at Boeing

born November 17, 1922


Eva Vassar

Metal worker at Bremerton Shipyard

born March 30, 1922

died April 22, 2017


Anita Lusk

Instrument Installer at Boeing

born June 10, 1921

Died December 14, 2018


Rowena Tobias

Welder at Kaiser Shipyards

born September 24, 1923

died February 21, 2019


Gwen Schwenzer

Riveter at Boeing

born December 16, 1918

died May 8, 2013

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