2017.  Washington Women in Trades 10th Rosie calendar.  

Many Women, One Tomorrow is Washington Women in Trades’ 10th Calendar.   Each of these people, in their own way, holds a piece of concrete in her pocket, the chunk they helped chip away from the cement wall of workplace, gender and cultural inequality.
The 2017 Calendar Girls carry a piece of that concrete, too. They were welders, riveters, electricians, munitions inspectors and fabricators. Their hometowns are widely spaced, from Virginia to California, and East Texas to Oregon. Each woman, in her own way, held to the “Yes We Can” credo through her life and shared it with the people important to her. It’s our pleasure to share it with you.

Front Cover Photo: A digitally enhanced photo with several women from different calendar years.

This calendar is out of print.


Betty Parente

Bucker at Boeing

born January 24, 1926


Florence Carter

Riveter, Bucker at Boeing,

Wichita, KS

born April 4, 1921


Doris Graham

War Bond Typist, Treasury Dept.

Washington, DC

born July 21, 1925


Phyllis McKey Gould

Welder, Kaiser Shipyard,

Richmond, CA

born October 7, 1921


Wilma Foster

Riveter, Welder at Fairfield Aircraft, Hagerstown, MD

born February 23, 1925


Lucy Olson

Broker, Cashier, Dean Witter & Co.

San Francisco, CA

born May 16, 1919


Margaret Were

Ammunition Assembler,

Bermite Poder Co., Saugus, CA

born August 12, 1923

died January 23, 2020


Alva Autry

Bomb Inspector, 

Chemical Warfare Service, Dallas, TX

born November 15, 1927

died May 17, 2020


Marjorie Walters

Riveter at Willow Run Bomber Plant

Ypsilante, MI

born March 1, 1923


Agnes Moore

Welder, Kaiser Shipyard,

Richmond, CA

born February 24, 1920


June Concannon

Riveter, Welder at Boeing,

Chehalis, WA

born October 13, 1925


Kay Morrison

Welder, Kaiser Shipyard,

Richmond, CA

born November 22, 1923

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