2008.  Washington Women in Trades very first Rosie calendar.  

Rosie was an icon of WWII, the embodiment of  America’s unity during wartime. They were from all walks of life: mothers, students, and teenagers; women who never questioned, just pitched in and did what was asked of them. They took jobs building airplanes, making submarine nets, expediting, working in labs and repairing army vehicles. Most had no experience in trades work.  
So what happened to them after the war ended? Some stayed in the trades, others raised families; others went back to their careers as teachers, waitresses and office workers.  
The Rosies thought nothing of their achievements, but today’s tradeswomen see them as their founding mothers, women who paved the way for them to work and be accepted in the trades. Young girls see them as rock stars, famous for what they did. All should see them for what they are: very extraordinary women, true heroines, women who will continue to inspire us for a lifetime. 


This project is dedicated to them all. 

Front Cover Photo:  Margaret Berry and her rivet gun.

This calendar is out of print.


Betty Severson

Bucker at Boeing

born: January 8, 1924


Edith Pritchett

Gyroscope wirer at Bremerton Shipyard

born April 16, 1922
died September 6, 2012


Colleen Charles

Expediter at Boeing

born May 23, 1924
died February 19, 2013


Violet Russell

Inspector at Boeing

born October 25, 1915
died June 6, 2009


Irene Hull

Insulation installer on Liberty Ships

born February 22, 1913
died March 20, 2011


Eunice Armstrong

Mechanic at Boeing

born October 3, 1921
died March 2, 2018


Georgie Kunkel

Driller at Boeing, Chehalis

born August 31, 1920


Mildred Ranger

& Barbara Toms

Barbara: Riveter at Boeing

Millie: Army Mechanic

Millie born November 17, 1924
died December 2, 2009

Barbara born October 17, 1926

died November 28, 2015


Margaret Berry

Riveter at Boeing

born January 20, 1923
died August 30, 2011


Josie Dunn

Riveter at Boeing

born June 23, 1918
died November 26, 2016


Dorothy Klinger

Metal Tester at GE

born May 19, 1920


Peggy Cook

Made submarine nets at Indian Island

born December 21, 1924
died March 8, 2017

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