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Bittersweet Endings, Hopeful Beginnings

After 13 calendars consisting of over 150 interviews and photos, producers Robin Murphy and Cindy Payne hung up their calendar bandannas with this year’s production, The Triumph of Humility. It was a wonderfully inspirational and enriching road and we offer arms-full of gratitude to everyone who played a part, from the women and their families, the stories shared, the folks who helped find Rosies, the media enthusiasm and connections with community organizations--all these combined--created a true phenomenon. 


In 2002, the Rosies were a piece of forgotten history. On a whim, WA Women in Trades gathered over 100 women to thank them and recognize their work during WWII. Little did we know that the following 17 years would result in such a rich body of work, countless friendships made, some epic Rosie road trips and the best memories ever.

This very special calendar featured 9 women from Oregon--from Coquille to Portland--and 3 from Washington. As always, their stories span far beyond the few years they worked in WWII factories. They are teachers, farmers, artists, activists, building inspectors, seamstresses, cowgirls, caregivers, drafters and printing press operators. They are moms, aunts, sisters and wives. And finally, they're our friends, mentors and the best tradeswomen cheerleaders we know.

Front Cover Photo:  Marcella Von Tangen

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Sally Sweeney.jpg


Sally Sweeney

Airplane Manifold & Parts Inspector

Grifis Airforce Base, Rome, NY

born March 29, 1926

died April 22, 2023

Ginny Lester.jpg


Ginny Lester


Swan Island, Portland, OR

born April 2, 1925

died, August 22, 2019

Florence Rexroad.jpg


Florence Rexroad

Riveter at Boeing

Seattle, WA

born July 18, 1928

died October 22, 2023

Lavina Nadeau.jpg


Lavina Nadeau


Swan  Island, Portland, OR

born October  20, 1922

died December 3, 2019

Ruth Herren.jpg


Ruth Herren

Welding Inspector

Boeing, Seattle, WA

born April 14, 1919

died September 27, 2021

Katty Acree.jpg


Katty Acree


Western Pipe & Steel,

San Francisco, CA

born April 14, 1928

Rita Hathaway.jpg


Rita Hathaway

Bucker at Boeing

Seattle, WA

born August 6, 1922

died February 21, 2023

Lorette Wedlake.jpg


Lorette Wedlake


Browning Automatic Rifle

Danvers MA

born November 6, 1929

died September 16, 2021

Marcella Von Tangen.jpg


Marcella Von Tangen

Boilermaker & Riveter,

Keiser & Albina, Portland, OR,

Doak Aircraft, Torrence, CA

born March 5, 1925

died June 10, 2023

Dolly Marshall.jpg


Dolly Marshall

Plane Spotter

A High School Playfield in New Jersey

born June 8, 1929

Stella Camacho.jpg


Stella Camacho

Riveter, Lockheed, Burbank, CA

born August 9, 1929

died June 1, 2021

Betty Bolt.jpg


Betty Bolt

Bike Messenger

Kaiser Shipyard, Vancouver, WA

born August 21, 1925

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