What we do:

We Educate, Promote and Celebrate.
We Facilitate Access for
Women in the Skilled Trades.

Who we are:
The Washington Women in Trades
Association was founded in 1978 by and
for women working in the skilled trades to
gather and share information.
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Peggy Cook
December 21, 1924 - March 8, 2017
Memorial Donation
Online HERE
Checks to:
Peggy Cook Memorium
Washington Women in Trades

PO Box 24972
Seattle, WA 98124-0972

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Stuff Upcoming

Awards.  Want to honor a dynamic tradeswoman? 
Check out our Awards program here

11th Annual Dream Big Dinner
Saturday, November 4. Info here

Regular Monthly Meetings are held on
the third Thursday of each month in South Seattle.
If you'd like to attend, let us know HERE

Membership. Show your support & join us! HERE

Many Women, One Tomorrow

2017 Rosie Calendar!
More info HERE

2017 Calendar

Trades Women!
Boots Up, Hard Hats Off
Food, Drink & Talk

Let's get together with friends new & old for a chance to talk with other women who work in the trades. No meeting agenda, no dues.
Pay for your own refreshments. Do bring a designated driver if you plan to drink. Our goal is to be flexible. We'll vary the locations and dates to meet our own needs.
Start NOW! If not now, when? If not you, who?  Join Us HERE

Cindy Payne,
Nov 15, 2016, 3:06 PM