What we do:

We Educate, Promote and Celebrate.
We Facilitate Access for
Women in the Skilled Trades.

Who we are:
The Washington Women in Trades
Association was founded in 1978 by and
for women working in the skilled trades to
gather and share information.
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Get Involved!
Meetings. Monthly Board Meetings are held in South Seattle on
the third Thursday of each month at 4:30pm.
Casual Meetings are held immediately after at 6pm in the same location.  More info HERE
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The 2019 Calendar.
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Upcoming Events...
13th Annual Dream Big Dinner
6pm on Saturday, November 2
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Tradeswomen Awards 
to be presented at the Dream Big Dinner.
Nominate NOW!  Nominate HERE!
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We're proud and excited to support Red Letter Press and their latest publication:  High Voltage Women | Breaking Barriers at Seattle City Light
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