Dream Big Dinner©

Thanks for a great Night!
Yet another wonderful success--see you next year!
Thanks to all who took part:
ANEW/AOP Volunteers
Vanessa Carman & the Sheet Metal Florists
Kerry Copeland, photographer
Red Velvet Carpet Valet
Lori Ann & Aloha Catering
Ramiro Reyes & La Centilia Cultural Center
Every one of our Rosies on all 11 calendars!
The Rosie Families for Sharing Them with Us

A Sweetly Delicious Evening...
We honored the 2017 Awardees
We met 2018 Rosie Calendar Girls
We hung with old friends
We celebrated the successes of 2017

2017 Welcome
39 years ago, some women new to the trades realized there was a need for a group that supported them in the challenges they’d taken on when they entered into their apprenticeships and moved forward to journey level. And the challenges were many. There was sexual harassment & abuse, little or no consideration for coed bathrooms, ill fitting PPE, no childcare options and a basic mistrust of any woman imagining that she could do this kind of job. These women needed to know that SOMEONE had their back.

Washington Women in Trades was born from the struggle. Through regular meetings, they addressed many of the challenges and were able to make a few changes. But the most important part of what they did (and continue to do) was to make sure that there was ALWAYS someone there who they could be relied on to listen, help strategize and bolster their resolve when things were especially difficult. Over 39 years, this has not changed a bit. A couple of meetings ago, one of our new members commented, “We are not alone.”
She was correct. We’re here. Always.

Photos:  The gorgeous toolbox flower centerpieces, Georgie Kunkel and two crowd shots...