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Washington Women in Trades is an organization of tradeswomen, tradeswomen want-to-bes, apprentices, journey level workers, advocates, teachers, supporters, retired workers and WWII Rosies! 
We produce a variety of events throughout the year, we inspire women to consider skilled trade careers and we offer career support to others.

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Membership provides regular information sharing about all our activities and a snazzy membership card to show off your affiliation with a 4 decade old group that supports trades women. 

$50 for Working Tradeswomen
$50 for Advocates, Instructors, Coordinators
$25 for Apprentices, Unemployed Tradeswomen, Rosies and Retirees

Monthly Meetings
Held on the 3rd Thursdays/month in SODO area of Seattle.
Board Meeting at 4:30pm:  Plan events, vote on funding and decide the path of our 40-year-old organization over a quick, light meal. We welcome members to join in and move up to leadership positions in this women powered organization. 
General Meeting at 6pm:  Open discussion.

Stuff we do...
Two major, annual events: 
Career Fair - Held in Spring, celebrating its 40th year in 2019!  More info here    
  • Attend as a participant--it’s FREE! Stroll past hands-on exhibits demonstrating the
 trades careers at dozens of unions and corporations and small local businesses.
  • Attend as an exhibitor, the fee covers either an inside table space or and outside area 
for trucks and equipment to demonstrate the skills of the trades. Activity Rules the event!
Dream Big Dinner - held in November since 2007 -  More info here
  • Our gala event, the Dream Big Dinner is designed to honor past, current and future
 trades women. Enjoy fine dining and fun with friends and colleagues fill an evening of celebration.
We also partner with LIHI in the Women4Women Tiny House Program for homeless women.

Washington Women in Trades work matters, not just to the individual women, but to an entire community.

For more information contact Alice Lockridge, Outreach Coordinator:  email, text or call: 206-552-1921
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