Welcome to Rosie’s Closet

Come on in!

In an effort to support female apprentices and others who are new to skilled trades occupations, WWIT has created a women’s work 
clothes clearinghouse called “Rosie’s Closet”.

Rosie’s Closet is a
 way for anyone (men or women) interested in donating lightly used work
clothing to be used by someone interested in walking in a similar career path.

Rosie’s Closet is also a place for women who are new to the work
world, starting over or just in need, to be able to pick out a few things
that will help them get that new start.

Welcomed donations include: jeans, overalls, coveralls,
shirts, t-shirts, vests, jackets, hats, boots, rain gear, gloves, tool
belts--really anything you’ve ever had to wear for work and no longer need.

These items are available at a low cost or free upon request.

To donate or to shop Rosie’s Closet,
 please call Alice Lockridge at 206.552.1921

 or Morgan Stonefield at ANEW, 206.381.1384